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2017-2018 Renegades 2020

Website Coordinator/Updater: Kevin Cole
Administrative access to the Thinklax site to update the team's page, rosters, schedules, and game scores

Team Manager: OPEN
General team communication; Parent communication & Sideline Management

Travel Coordinator: Cindy Obrien
Plans the hotels and provides information to parents as to where the parents are staying

Photographer : OPEN
Takes pictures at all the games - posts to the team website

Videographer: OPEN
Video tape our games

Snack Coordinator: Amy Clouser
Plans all team tailgates for tournaments using Sports Genius

Parent Relations Coordinator: Pat Crowley
Works the sidelines, knows the pulse of the team, brings concerns to the coach and ultimately reports to Coach Haight

Social Events Coordinator: Jennifer Loveless
Plans, dinners, scavenger hunts, games, team building, pool parties, etc.

Tournament Day Set - Up Crew: Fred Mannix
Designed to get tents to the facilities - get the flags up - make us look awesome!

Tournament Waiver Coordinator: Patty Scherer
Works on tournaments to ensure all team waivers are collected or submitted

Practice Exercise Club: Adrienne Rosone
Arrange a walking group with your team parents during practice

Social Media Organizer: Lisa Jackson
Facebook/Twitter/Social Media - is given administrative access to the Renegade's social media pages to post highlights from your team