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Local lacrosse players make food for soup kitchen


By Wyatt Massey

Jan 27, 2019

Members of Renegades Lacrosse make lasagna for the Frederick Community Action Agency on Sunday.

News-Post photo by Wyatt Massey

Crowded around two tables, girls layered ricotta, pasta and tomato sauce in aluminum pans. They called out when in need of more sauce or when their pan was done.

The 16 girls gathered in the the Rivercrest neighborhood home are members of Renegades Lacrosse. Their Sunday project — making lasagna and salad — was more than team building. The food was delivered to the Frederick Community Action Agency to feed local people in need.

Lily Brown, a 10-year-old defender on the team, said the group’s efforts would help others.

“We’re learning that we’re very fortunate for what we have and to give back to our community,” she said.

Renegades Lacrosse is a group of local club teams. The players making lasagna on Sunday were 4th and 5th graders — members of the 2026 and 2027 graduating classes — coached by Rachel Bassler and Jessica Sardella. The team plays year-round and will start the spring season in March.

Rylie Lange, a 10-year-old midfielder, said learning to make lasagna as a team was fun. She had never made the Italian dish before.

“Bringing us all together, as a whole group, to care for others is team bonding,” Lange said.

Brynn Groves, a 10-year-old attacker, said that while learning how to layer the cheese, sauce and pasta was fun, getting the right amount of each was hard. She said maybe she had included too much cheese.

The team delivered the lasagnas and salad they made to FCAA at noon. The girls were not old enough to serve the food at FCAA, but they got a tour of the building to learn about the organization’s programs, including the soup kitchen, food bank and health center.

Amber Clark-Matt, a 10-year-old midfielder, celebrated her birthday with the team while making lasagna. She said she was excited to spend the day helping others and making them happy.

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