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2021 Player Development

21-22 Player Development
Player Development x 21-22

Recent 2021 Player Development News

Player Development Sessions #4 & #5

09/22/2021, 12:15pm EDT
By Coach Abdo

Two-Session Wrap Up!

The last two Saturdays have shown improvements in each player's capability.  It's been great to see their lax IQ improve as well as their fitness.  This past Saturday, the players ran the 300 yard shuttle test again, with every single person finishing the test and most improving their times.  I was very proud!  After that, we returned to fundamentals and worked on our anticipation and game sense in various situations.  We continued our interactive lecture on mental strengths and our organization/preparation for life, school, and lacrosse.

With Coach Ponchione, the players worked on a number of skills in various drills; they focused on intentional thinking, game sense/awareness, deliberate movements, and how to bring a competitive spirit in each drill through dynamic passing, shooting, man-up/man-down situations, strength work, and conditioning.  All players reported back they had a blast and learned a lot!  Thank you, Coach!!

See you all this Saturday!

Player Development Session #3

09/07/2021, 7:45am EDT
By Coach Abdo

New Moves!

This week, the players came out tougher and more ready than ever to crush another PD session!  They held strong in strength & conditioning and graduated from dynamic passing to shooting on cage!  Sounds simple enough, right?  Not exactly.  These players had to prove they were doing all the "little things" right in order to move forward.  That includes constantly moving their feet ("on the hop!"), talking to their partner, hustling on each ground ball, getting their elbows away from their bodies, following through, keeping their shoulders and hips from squaring up, using both hands...and then some!

In shooting, we went over some lax IQ points like which hand to use on which side, not playing to the drill and cutting away/cutting to, moving our feet as feeders, and changing our levels.  

To wrap up the day, we worked through some of the championship mindset building blocks, like attentional control, confidence, and routines.  So much of being a great lacrosse player and person involves making sure you've got all your ducks in a row on and off the field.  We talked organization, planning, and preparation for the week and the girls even got some HW to ensure they're following a good routine to get everything they need to do, done!  They are now armed with 3 "power statements" to keep them motivated & feeling good throughout each day!

We've got a long way to go on all these "little things," but we are getting there and these young players should be so proud of themselves-- they are incredible kids!

Player Development Session #2

09/02/2021, 8:15pm EDT
By Coach Abdo

Second Session in Full Swing!

This past Saturday, we saw a ton of new players come out!  It was an extremely hot day but these tough girls made the best of it!  We started with some conditioning, then strength training.  After strength training we went into more dynamic passing. 

To close out the day, we had an interactive lecture about mental strength and having a championship mindset.  The girls engaged in conversation about motivation, routines, and confidence, and learned how to incorporate preparation in every aspect of their lives to ultimately become a well-rounded person, as well as successful lacrosse player!  We prepped ourselves for the first (or second, in some cases) week of school, and left feeling READY and CONFIDENT in our plans to crush the week! 

Looking forward to meeting again this weekend and expanding on our skills!