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2022-2023 Renegades 27

Welcome to the ReneGOATs!

The Renegades 2027 team was established in the Summer of 2020 under Coach Mike Walters with just ten 2027 girls to start, and help from our younger Renegade teams. Since then, the 'ReneG.O.A.T.s' have put in a ton of work recruiting amazing new players and winning Tournaments. In 2022 they went all the way to the Finals in NGLL losing by only 1 goal. 

In 2023, they move into the A division of NGLL where the sky is the limit for this hardworking #HomeTownTeam. 

Intentions before Game Time

2023 Champions St. James Winter Indoor League

2023 Champions St. James Winter Indoor League

2022 Renegade's Olympic Champions

2022 Lax Clash Champions

2022 Gator Fest Champions

2022 NGLL Semi-Finals

Summer 2022

4-0 at 2022 Impulse Lax Fest

Celebration Time 2021

2021 Lax Amplified Champions