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Off to College!

Hello Mike and Kim,
Jenelle is leaving next week for Randolph Macon College where she will play lacrosse .She had many offers, but the best all around fit (including academics, location, and a very generous financial package) came from RMC. Jenelle is fit, healthy and excited for the opportunity to go to a good school and up her game to play lacrosse at the varsity college level.
Jenelle is going to RMC with a great scholarship because of her experience with the Rebels.  The opportunities she had to play in high-level tournaments along with the excellent coaching gave her the chance to be seen by a large number of recruiting coaches. Thanks to Kim's tireless efforts, we heard from many schools, went on several overnight visits and ended up with a great placement for Jenelle. As an added bonus, the school is close enough for Kelsey at Mary Washington and me to attend many of Jenelle's games! 
I want to tell you both how grateful we are for all you have done for Jenelle!  With three active children, each playing multiple sports at competitive levels, we have been involved with many clubs and sport organizations over the years. Many have been positive, but by far the best all around experience has been with Thinklax and the Rebels-- because of the combination of a well-run program, coaching staff, and player/parent mix.   Thank you so much for everything!
Best of luck to you both and to the club this year and in the future!
Kathleen and Jenelle

About Rebels Lacrosse!

Coach Haight,

There isn't a family in your program that is more appreciative of you and your organization than us. When we came to you, we thought we could use lacrosse as a backup plan. The day you told us how good XXX was, but that she had to choose between basketball and lacrosse for the summer, she went back in the car and cried. I mean really hard. We were supposed to practice that day but she just could not. We talked that night and immediately knew she was going to play lacrosse.

She simply enjoyed the sport more and knew she would be more successful with you. You helped us understand how important it was to completely change our mindset and get on the wall and off the court if we wanted to play division l. Her stick skills dramatically improved once we put down the basketball. XXX told us at Farquar that XXXX has improved enough to challenge for a starting spot in college.

We also found a home with the Rebels to continue our all-out athletic lifestyle.

Your program has provided us the opportunity to keep XXX playing at the college level. That has always been her dream since middle school. To play in the top 10. She has an offer from number 5 Duke.  She has a solid offer with admission from UC Davis, and we have a meeting with Coach Cathy Reese the week of November 28th to discuss the possibility of joining the number 2 Terps. Obviously, I want to keep her close so I can see all of her games.

What more could we ask for from the Rebels? You have been awesome to us and as you have seen, we are loyal to those who look out for us. We did not miss a practice or a tournament once we committed. I told XXX that we plan to go back to XXX and along with XXX, recruit the best prospects to the Rebels along with the message that playing in college is almost certain. XXXXwould also like to come back in the summers and work with your players if you would allow. She just wants to give back.

So thank you again for a perfect summer with awesome possibilities that we simply could not predict. We hope you will continue to support us as we look to close a deal in the top 5.


Player and Parent of 2012!

On 2012 Try-Outs

I wanted to thank you for such a great Try Out experience on behalf of my daughter.

We both thought they were very well organized and very competitive.

Again, a great job and we look forward to joining the Rebels family.

Best regards!