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Summer Genesis and Summer Genesis Origins
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February 2021 Players of the Month
Players to be featured on our social media outlets this month!

Rebels 22: Brooke Walsh
Renegades 22: Bridget Ahlgren
Rebels HS Combo: Phoebe Snelson
Rebels 23: Alina Maciorowski
Renegades 23: Ellery Bowman
Rebels 24: Alexa Lyons
Renegades 24: Delaney Sheridan
Rebels 25: Elizabeth Stonger
Renegades 25: Nicole Malasky
Renegades 26: Addison Queen
Rebels 27: Aubrey Erxleben
Renegades 27: Cora Beaver
Renegades 28: Finley Beaver
Renegades 29/30: Avery Larson
Goalie: Paije Brown


REBS '22

This month, Rebels 22 has worked on:

-defensive reactions/approaches

-offensive production in tight spaces

-strength and conditioning

-two and three man games

We have selected Brooke Walsh as the Player of the Month!

Brooke was selected for her fearless attitude, her confidence and flexibility to always try new things, her outstanding leadership skills and always giving 110% effort!


Rebels HS Combo had a very productive February working on the following:

  • Stick work with a focus on one hand and giving with the ball
  • Two-man game concepts both offensive
  • Leading passes
  • Fronting Cutters defensively and creating space in the 8 to get open

Player of the Month: Phoebe Snelson

Phoebe always gets the conversation going. She brings her loud energy to the defense. She always has a smile on her face and is ready to work hard!

REBS '23

The Rebels 2023 Team had a productive month (outside of the SNOW DAYS!) We look forward to getting outside this month and spreading out!  What we learned and worked on:

  • Ball faking, shot power, and release points
  • Interior hands and catching inside the 8
  • Our handles, our handles and our handles!

Our Player of the Month is Alina Maciorowski from Centennial High School!  She had a tremendous month and her stick skills are getting better every day!  Super proud of the work she has put in! ~Coach Haight & Coach Stuart

REBS '24

The Rebels 2024 team has been working a lot on 1v1's, defensive positioning during man-up and man-down situations, double teaming, and their speed and conditioning. A goal needed to be reached this month was consistency, reliability, and hard work off the field. All girls succeeded with this, and we are looking forward to what March brings!

Goals for next month:

-Aggression on offense and defense

-Continuing to work on double teams and man-up situations.

-Conditioning as we move into the spring season!!! Yay!!!

-50/50 balls/boxing out/offensive plays.

Player of the Month:

Alexa Lyons! CONGRATS! She has been working very hard both on and off the field, and it has been clear that she is willing to push herself in order to get better. She has been a consistent player that is reliable and the epitome of what a 2024 Rebel should be like! GO ALEXA!


REBS '25

The 2025s had a strong month of February! We cannot wait to get outside and get into some full field activity. This month, our team challenge has been a running challenge where the girls send in their run times! The girls have worked hard this month on:

- Faking our shots and getting more power behind our shots!

- Live game play build up with 1v1s to 4v4s to work on smaller aspects of the game before implementing them in full field.

- Good defensive communication - being loud and consistent - through man-down situations!

We also added 3 new players to our roster!

Player of the Month: Elizabeth Stogner!

Elizabeth is a constant presence in practice that is always asking questions to improve her game. During our team zoom practices she is actively engaged. Her stickwork has improved tremendously. In our team running challenge he has tackled it hard in order to improve her endurance and conditioning! We coaches are very proud of Elizabeth!!

- Coach Emily and Coach Carley

REBS '27

The Rebels 2027s have been continuing to work hard to build their foundation as great all-around players!  Off the field, they continue to work on their mental game and set weekly goals to grow their long-term mental skills and become the best student-athlete they can be.  On the field, they have been working on their stick skills, game sense, and have shown great improvement in their teamwork, especially in 7v7s!

Our 2027s Player of the Month is Audrey Erxleben!  Audrey has grown her game mentally and physically.  When she's not at practice, she's constantly assessing and improving her capacity for organization, self-motivation, and several other "foundations of a championship" mentalities; she's also constantly working on her stick skills and game sense.  At practice, it's obvious her foundational skills have been improving tremendously!  Congrats, Audrey!


Quick Service Project Update: WOW!!!  What an incredible support network you all are—as of this morning, we have surpassed our $1,000 goal and so far have collectively fundraised $1,255!  We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for your donations.  Also, the goody-bag prep sign ups, Amazon Wishlist orders, packaged goods contributions, and hand-written cards are rolling in.  Please be on the lookout for further logistical instructions regarding collection.  THANK YOU so much for your time, effort, donations, for sharing the project with your networks, and for everything else you’re doing to make this work; we couldn’t do any of it without your incredible spirit of service!  WANT TO BE INVOLVED??? EMAIL COACH ABDO AT




  • Inaugural Year this Spring
  • K/1st Team
  • Coach Haight's team
  • Practice in Olney Area
  • Want to start your own with full thinkLAX support? Email


2022, 2023, 2024 TEAM UPDATES

  • We have added more clubs that want to have girls try-out!
  • Will be competing in 3 events this summer!!!

REN '22

We missed some time together this month with the snow, but we've worked on a lot of the little things while indoors.  Continued focus on footwork and stick work, finishing with hard shots, being aggressive and not taking a play off even against your teammates.

Many of the players are getting back in the mix with High School sports picking back up and we look forward to seeing each other on the field before our summer season starts.

Our Player of the Month is Bridget Ahlgren.  She always "brings it" at practice, games and putting in time outside of practice.  On top of that she's a great teammate with a combination of competitiveness and enthusiasm, and can often be heard cheering her teammates on.

REN '23

This month we Renegades 2023 have worked very hard on stick work, fitness, and team chemistry. We have really understood our teammates strengths and how we can best work together as a unit on both the offensive and defensive side of the field.  


Other focus points:

-Dodging to create 

-Finishing in tight spaces 

-Playing physical yet controlled 


Player of the Month: Ellery Bowman - 

She was recently selected to the UA 150 Combine. We are so proud of you Ellery!!

REN '24

Renegades 2024 had a very productive February working on the following:

  • Small sided play with interesting "rules" to encourage touches and creative stickwork/shooting
  • Two-man game concepts both offensive and defensively
  • Mastering slide packages with an emphasis on communication
  • Introducing new tricks to help develop dynamic stickwork

Player of the Month: Delaney Sheridan!

Delaney is always a ball of great energy. She is so positive and makes her teammates better every time she hits the field.
Coach Haight "super - hard worker at High School Skills Clinic" 

REN '25

Even with quarantine and snow days, the 2025's worked hard this month! We worked on...

  • Improving our fitness (strengthening that core, baby!).
  • Getting a faster release and less cradles through wall ball competitions.
  • Strengthening our understanding of small-sided aspects of the game.

February Player of the Month: Nicole Malasky!

Even though Nicole has been out for a few weeks with an injury, she never stopped working hard on her fitness and skills. When she rejoined us for practice last week, she didn't miss a beat. We love her work ethic!

REN '26

This February Renegades 2026’s work on the following: 

  • 1v1’s- Offense focused on different dodges and being able to finish in both left and right hand. Defense worked on their approach and keeping contact when in the 8m.  
  • Stickwork- we worked on using our outside hand, offside passing and behind the backs
  • Footwork and Conditioning- work with ladders a lot this week and ended every practice with some running :)  

Player of the Month: Addison Queen

Addison comes to every practice ready to work. She gives us 100% attention and is committed to the game. Even coming  from basketball games she still gives her all at practice. Addi is always asking questions and is open to learning from her coaches. 

The 2026’s are excited to get outside and start practicing two days a week! Ready for a great March! 

REN '27

• Developed new offense set plays
 Catching and throwing under pressure
• Setting-up dodges and using a change of speed to execute the dodge 
• Creating space from our defenders when highly pressured 
• Finding Corners & Increasing Shooting Power
• Playing Physical & Strong Defense

Player of the Month: Cora Beaver!

Cora Beaver has been one of our hardest working players. She brings great work ethic and passion to every practice and a smile on her face. Cora had a standout month with her dodges and shooting accuracy. She is an extremely coachable athlete, and always gives everything to make herself better and her teammates around her. We cannot wait to see what the Spring holds for Cora


The Renegades Girls worked hard on our close in game in the Performance Barn.  We also we picked up a new coach (Taylor Sindall, Frostburg Head Coach) and two new players!

The Girls also let their artistic side shine as they completed a service project making over 100 Valentines for the residents of the Buckingham's Choice Senior Living Community.  

We are looking forward to getting back outside in March as we prepare to play in the NGLL.

Player of the Month:  Finley Beaver

'Though she be but little she is fierce' is a quote from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream that describes Finley just as well as it applied to Hermia.   Be warned defenders, Finley’s play when redefending is just as assertive as her play on offense when headed toward the goal!

REN '29/30

The 2029/30 team has been working hard this February on continuing to develop fundamental skills and team concepts.

Player of the Month: Avery Larson (Midfield)

Avery is one of our most aggressive players.  She is catalyst for our efforts at practice because she works hard at getting better at every practice.  She has great natural ability but is willing to be coached and challenge herself to continue to improve!  



February 2021

Player College Commitments!

Sophie Sinai - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Irina Bookman - Winthrop University
Emma Thompson - Albright College




January 2021 Players of the Month
Players to be featured on our social media outlets this month!

Rebels 22: Kayleigh Page
Renegades 22: Reagan McMahon
Rebels HS Combo: Hannah Morin
Rebels 23: Kiera Baskot
Renegades 23: Amanda Tippett
Rebels 24: Madelyn King
Renegades 24: Bethany Rose
Rebels 25: Jourdan Timmons
Renegades 25:  Charley McGee
Renegades 26: Alana Orlando
Rebels 27: Sadie Keller
Renegades 27: Riley Bova
Renegades 28: Allie Embrey
Renegades 29/30: Sophia McCauley
Goalie: Juliana Workman


January 2021 can only be defined as progress for Renegades LC! This month we added multiple new members to our coaching family and kicked off our RLC (Rebels/Renegades) speaker series. We are very excited to welcome Coach Catherine Sims (2023) and Coach Taylor Sindall (2028). 

Florida Alum, USA Team Member, and American Univ. Asst. Coach, Lindsey Ronbeck, joined over 70 players this month to talk about her experience with body positivity. Although virtual, the night was so impactful!

This month we also rolled out our Player of the Month initiative. POMs exemplify leadership, coachability, a teamwork mentality and GRIT. Congratulations to all the nominees!

We look forward to hosting both youth and high school trainings in February and gearing up for the unveiling of our 2030 coaching staff! GO RENEGADES!

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2021-2022 TRYOUT Information

REBS '22





This month, we worked on:

-reading and attacking unsettled situations

-quick footwork for both the offensive and defensive player

-dodging and faking to cage

This month's player is Kayleigh Page! Kayleigh exemplifies the 3 ideals Rebels 22 stands for: Honor, Hustle, and Humility. A fixture at every practice. Never to be outworked. She leads by example and with her voice on the field, in the clutch, and at practice. The rare player that can be almost too serious while maintaining her humor and infectious joy. 



  • Introduced new Head Coach Rachel Ortell
  • We focused on stick movement
  • Worked on groundballs to protection
  • Worked on one hand stick work
  • Player of Month: Hannah Morin
    • At both practices held
    • Always has a smile on her face
    • Shows up ready to work hard!
    • Vocal on defense and hustles through every drill

REBS '23






  • Worked on release points this month
  • Worked on quick release shooting
  • Worked on Rise Ball Shots
  • Defensive Double Team
  • Player of Month: Kiera Baskot
    • Never misses practice
    • Always works hard to get to next level
    • Developing sick shots on with both hands
    • Hustles and is always smiling!

REBS '24

Maddy King killin' it on the field!


  • Worked on our man-up play and 1v1’s
  • Worked on full-field conditioning.
  • Worked on our speed and agility with drills designed by the US Women's Lacrosse Team.
  • Started every Saturday morning practice with 45 minutes of wall ball to improve our stick skills.
  • Defensive body positioning and offensive cutting, shooting, and communication have improved tremendously.
  • Lots of team bonding in 2020 that made us closer as a team.
  • Player of the month: MADELYN KING!
    • Coachable, consistent, on-time for every practice/game. She is a true representative of what each Rebels 2024 player should strive for. 

REBS '25


  • We worked hard on consistent stickwork and ball-handling
  • Developing solid footwork (and stickwork!) on defense
  • Using ShakeSchool-type drills to develop better dodges and shots and add more tools to our tool box
  • Player of the Month: Jourdan Timmons!
    • SNYPR Leader with over 20,000 reps!
    • Never misses a practice
    • Developing a strong LAX IQ
    • Hardworking player that takes all coaches feedback and tries to implement it!

REBS '27

Online, the girls have been:

  • Working hard at mental strength skills and have shown great improvement.
  • Bonding over various virtual activities and building their relationships in this tough time.
  • Continuing their fundamental skills-building throughout the week.

In-person, the girls have been:

  • Continuing to focus on fundamental stick work. Girls have been putting in thousands of reps on the wall independently and adding flexible stick skills to their arsenal.
  • The 2027s continue to work on evasive dodging and breaking double teams. 
  • Our defense has been incorporating safe checking techniques as they approach tournaments with full checking.
  • Our team continues to build trust in each other as teammates and we solidify our offensive and defensive movements and communications!
  • We have truly come a long way and the girls continue to push!

Player of the Month: Sadie Keller!!

  • Sadie has been a consistent force of discipline, fundamentals, and game sense.  She takes her mental strength and physical conditioning very seriously, and she is a wonderful role model for her teammates!



- Major emphasis on hand eye coordination and footwork working together as one

- Improving body positioning

- Focus on being consistent in the cage 

- Growing in our ability to clear the ball with pressure, run through our passes and passing on the move

- Always instilling the importance of using our voice and having a presence and LEADERSHIP on defense

Goalie of the Month:  Juliana Workman



  • Inaugural Year this Spring
  • K/1st Team
  • Coach Haight's team
  • Practice in Olney
  • Want to start your own? Email



  • Will be competing in 2 events this summer
    • G8 and National Headliner
  • If you are not on this team and would like to be considered for this team - please email Coach Haight



  • Will be competing in 2 events this summer
    • G8 and National Headliner
  • We will be having Try-Outs for the 2023's in March!



  • Will be competing in 2 events this summer
    • G8 and National Headliner
  • We will be having Try-Outs for the 2024's in March!
  • Inaugural Year for this team, invites out to other clubs that want to participate on this team

REN '22


Put in some really good work in small groups so far this winter.  A lot of focus on tightening up stick work, making shots count, and cleaning up foot work.  And, as we often do, we finish practice with some fun trying out new trick shots.

Everyone is looking forward to the warmer weather and getting outdoors.

Our Player of the Month is Reagan McMahon for showing up consistently and working hard, while we all await HS sports to pick back up.

REN '23


- Taking pride in our fitness and stick work 

- Continued emphasis on fundamentals 

- Dodging strong to cage with the focus on change of speed and fluidity with hands and feet

- Shooting with a purpose 

- Being big defensively / finding our voice 

- Playing controlled yet physical

Player of the month : Amanda Tippett

REN '24


  • Working on strong elbows up passing/shooting
  • Programming the dodge that sells
  • Elite footwork for the dominant defender
  • Trick shooting & faking

Player of the Month: Bethany Rose, Midfield

REN '25

In JANUARY 2021 we worked on...

  • Keeping our stick work sharp even when tired.
  • Improving wrist strength.
  • Selling our dodges with shoulder and body fakes with help from Shake School drills.
  • Strengthening our defensive footwork and approaches.
  • Improving our small sided play in tiny spaces.

Player of the Month: Charley McGee!!

  • Never misses a practice.
  • Is coachable - always asks questions and works her hardest to get the skills correct.
  • Puts in the work outside of practice (SNYPR and watching film). 

REN '26


  • We worked on our stickwork, our realse points, quick fast passes and offside catches. 
  • On defense, we worked on our communication through man up and man down situations. 
  • On offense, we worked on off ball movement, direct feeds and catching in tight. 
  • Player of the Month: Alana Orlando 
    • Comes to every practice ready to work. 
    • Versatile and a strong player on both ends of the field. 
    • Alana is a very hard working and a dedicated player. 
    • Coachable and a great teammate!

REN '27


•  Working on leading our teammates into space with passes
•  Worked to combine individual strengths to improve as a stronger unit collectively in transition
•  Creating space with and without the ball
•  Clears to fast breaks
•  Strong Defensive Body Positioning
•  Proper Stick Positioning and Mechanics to improve accuracy and power while shooting

Player of the Month Riley Bova, Midfield
 Constantly works on her game (inside & outside of practice).
•  Demonstrates leadership through her gameplay. 
•  Never misses practice. 
•  Recorded an awesome 82,690 SNYPR reps! 



We were pleasantly surprised to find our Renegades 2028 team photo from the thinkLax National Fall Lacrosse Festival in the January edition of US Lacrosse Magazine, attached to an article about how the Summer & Fall Club Tournaments are paving the way for the safe return to play! 

Inspired by our new found fame, we headed right back into the Performance Barn to continue to build our skills this Winter.

  • Our focus continues on Stick work, Speed & Agility
  • We have introduced a Low-Motion Offensive Concept
  • We are continuing to Work on Cutting & Feeding Skills
  • Lots of 1v1, 2v2, 3v2 Work in the Barn

Player of the Month:  Allie Embrey - Allie's athleticism, confidence and courage continues to grow through her play on the lacrosse field and as an equestrian in the riding ring!  

Look Ahead:  In February, we are looking forward to meeting our new coaching addition, Taylor Sindall!  Taylor is the Frostburg Women's Lacrosse Team Head Coach.


REN '29/30


  • Focused on COMPETING in everything we do!
  • Worked on clears from our goalies and leading passes to open space.
  • Footwork fundamentals and working to open space.
  • Double teaming on our red-defend (Swarm the ball!!)
  • Shooting with power and changing shooting angles

Player of the Month: Sophia McCauley

  • Sophia competes to get better EVERY practice!
  • She is a "sponge" for new information and is willing break habits and try new things.
  • She is a positive influence on her teammates!